Notes of Deities

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Notes of Deities

Post  Jolly on Fri Jun 22, 2012 9:23 am

Within the campaign setting, deities like those found in the Forgotten Realms or Greyhawk do not exist. The gods are more removed from mortal affairs for both personal and historical reasons, their influence generally more subtle and their domains more broad. Even their true names are unknown, if they exist at all. As such, each of the gods has many names, used by different peoples all over the world. Below are the 11 recognized deities by their "official" title, with common names used for them.

The Radiant Vanguard
Light, Protection, Justice, Sun and Moon, Honor
Common Names: Tyr, Pelor, Bahamut, Avoreen, Heironeous, Amaunator, Lathandor, Selune

The Great Dragon
Magic, Beauty, Love, Art, Stars
Common Name: Boccob, Mystra, Corellon, Sune, Sheela Peryroyl, Cyrrollalee, Milil, Azuth

The Noble Drifter
Freedom, Invention, Good Fortune, Travel, Hunting
Common Names: Fharlaughn, Mielikki, Baervan Wildwanderer, Shaundakul, Avandra, Solonar, Thard Harr, Ilmater, Tymora

The Black Sovereign
Law, Ambition, Civilization, Deception, Rulers and Aristocrats
Common Names: Erathis, Hextor, Cuthbert, Helm, Stamorphe

The Grim Swordsman
Death, Fate, Divination, Time, Retribution
Common Names: Kelemvor, Raven Queen, Nerull, Hoar, Jergal, Savras, Wee Jas

The Iron Master
War, Strategy, Craftmanship, Loyalty, Earth and Metal
Common Names: Gond, Tempus, Torm, Guaragos, Red Knight, Clangeddin, Moradin

The Oaken Father
Nature, Beasts, Weather, Balance, Life
Common Names: Chauntea, Malar, Silvanus, Obad-hai, Melora, Umberlee, Nobanion, Ubtao

The Chaos Bringer
Battle, Strength, Fire, Storms, Revelry
Common Names: Kossuth, Olidammaru, Talos, Kord, Uthgar, Gruumsh

The Night Shroud
Shadows, Thieves and Assassins, Knowledge, Skill, Wealth
Common Names: Mask, Sseth, Mershualk, Sehanine, Oghma, Waukeen, Ioun, Sharess

The Groaning Shade
Suffering, Loss, Pestilence, Ill Fortune
Common Names: Shar, Torog, Beshaba, Talona, Loviatar

The Veiled Whisperer
Madness, Abominations, Annihilation, Strife
Common Names: Cyric, Tharizdun, Ghuandahar, Veritas

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