Gaelishal - Elven Wizard

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Gaelishal - Elven Wizard

Post  Ol Lady on Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:25 am

Gaelishal was an aspiring wizard and a clever and quiet student. Her master, Althania, was quite pleased with her progress and saw great potential in her. On her way back from her studies out in the wilderness Gaelishal came back to her masters room to find her turned to stone. After several attempts at reversing the effects and multiple divinations it became clear that the transformation was irreversible. The reason for such a travesty? An assassin of great renown, a medusa by the name of Sselviashta.

After countless months of searching Gaelishal came to the caves of chaos. While there she was taken unawares by a band of monsters and taken captive. With only her wits and a few minor cantrips she attemps to formulate her escape...

"Mystra help me..." she whispers.
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