Barathron Grimaxe - Dwarven Fighter

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Barathron Grimaxe - Dwarven Fighter

Post  Jolly on Wed Jun 06, 2012 1:51 pm

This is not the story of Barathron Grimaxe. It never was. This is the story of the famed warrior Tharius Grimaxe, the Skullcrusher---the living legend who, according to the tales passed around over pints of dwarven ale, defeated an entire orc battalion with naught but the family axe and a broken horn, crushing the orc captain’s skull beneath his boot---and the shadow he cast over his sons, the eldest, the unworthy Barathron, and the youngest, the power-hungry Olaf.

While his father lived, Barathron loafed comfortably, living off of his family’s fortune and his father’s fame. His father could not bear to cut him off and Barathron lived it up at the expense of the family coffers. Barathron lived a life consisting of whores, otherwise loose women, and lots and lots of alcohol. But Tharius did not live forever. The Skullcrusher fell in battle with gnoll barbarians. Upon his father’s death, a cleric and ally of Olaf, the second son, presented a document, claiming that Barathron’s father had denounced him as unworthy of his birthright. The Grimaxe and all the lands and titles that went with it were thus bequeathed to the next son, Olaf himself. Olaf promptly exiled his older brother, cutting him off from the family fortune.

Vane, boisterous, and rash, Barathron set out to prove himself worthy of his birthright, so that he might gain enough recognition and support to retake the adamantine axe and lands that were rightfully his. He has since made a name for himself as a successful mercenary commander and monster-slayer. But Barathron has not slowed the pace of his lifestyle, and between meager conquests Barathron racks up hefty debts, his theatricality and mercenary pay not enough to sustain the gold he burns through on ale and debauchery.

Barathron is not the most cunning warrior, nor the brightest tactician, but he is good in a fight and, thus far, has good about one thing. He only picks fights he knows he can win.

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