Ferric Firebeard - Dwarven Fighter

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Ferric Firebeard - Dwarven Fighter

Post  Red Ninja on Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:02 pm

Ferric Firebeard. Goblinsbane, Father to an murdered son, Son to a disgraceful father... Outcast.

The years had been kind to Ferric. A battlerager for the Battlehammer clan in icewind dale he made his name killing the tundra beasts in droves next to his kin. His hatred towards goblins no less than any other dwarf, his brutality stuck out even among the clan. He made a name for himself and all had gone well, until his father had disgraced the name Firebeard by commiting an act so revolting in dwarven culture. Regicide.

They had killed his father. They had murdered his family on the idea of conspiricy. Had he not been out on the tundra, hunting for his clan, he would have felt the headsmans axe as well. Warned by a friend Ferric has long sing left icewind dale to seek his fortunes and an honorable death in the wide world.

Welcome to Afed-ka, the Caves of Chaos, a place of rogues and monsters. Just the thing for an outcast dwarf. Casting about for the nearest settlement, Ferric adjusts his pack, and looks again to the first piece his son ever forged. A bracelet of iron. Set with the flaming face of a dwarf, the Firebeard standard.

The lone dwarf trudges on, his flaming red beard blowing in the wind, the same mantra on his lips. "Ill see ye soon, me boy."
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