Stilgar Glaurung Ragemaw

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Stilgar Glaurung Ragemaw

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Stilgar Glaurung Ragemaw

Level: 11
Race: Dragonborn
Class: Barbarian
Age: 17
Hgt: 7’2”
Wgt: 400 lb.
Deity: Iron Master
Align: Good
Lang: Common, Draconic
Appearance: Cold light grey eyes, Dark ash scales, Scull ridges and horns of a red dragon, Barrel chest, Powerful build.
Background: Arkhosian Totem Rager, Noble born
Paragon path: Stonefire Rager

Str 23
Con 18
Dex 16
Int 11
Wis 13
Cha 19

HP: 93
Bloodied: 46
Surge value: 27
Surges/day: 12

AC: 25
Fort: 26
Ref: 23
Will: 24

Resist 10 fire, cold
Low-light Vision

Initiative: 10
Speed: 6

Passive Insight: 18
Passive Perception: 17

Athletics 15
Diplomacy 11
Endurance 13
History 9
Insight 8
Intimidate 16
Perception 7

Weapon Proficiency (Execution axe)
Bolstering Breath
Dragonborn Senses
Enlarged Dragon Breath
Heat Adaptation
Frozen Soul
Empowered Dragon Breath

Racial Features
Draconic Heritage: +Con to Surge value
Dragon Breath: Encounter power (fire, Str)
Dragonborn Fury: +1 to attacks while bloodied.

Class/Background Features
Barbarian Agility: +2 AC and Reflex when not wearing heavy armor.
Rageblood Vigor: Swift charge power; 15 temp HP when you drop an enemy to 0 HP
Rampage: Critical hit grants free melee basic attack, +4 damage, once per round, barbarian attack powers only.
Noble level 5 feature: gain one armor, weapon, or neck item level 6 or lower
Noble level 10 feature: +2 to Diplomacy and Insight
Calm Before the Flame: each target you hit takes 4 extra fire damage and is knocked prone.
Resilience of Stone: Enemy scores a critical hit vs. you: roll a d20. On a 10 or higher, the attack becomes a normal hit instead of a crit.

+2 Battle Harness Hide Armor: +5 AC, -1 penalty, +2 Initiative, draw or sheath a weapon or retrieve a stowed item as a free action.
+3 Badge of the Berserker: +3 Fort, Ref, Will, movement made as part of a charge doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks.
Belt of Feral Might: Add Str to temp HP gained by Rageblood Vigor.
Iron Armbands of Power: +2 item bonus to melee damage rolls.
Rampaging Slayer’s Gloves: +4 item bonus to damage rolls for attacks from Rampage. Power (Daily): free action, you hit with an attack that uses your Rampage feature, the attack deals 2d12 extra damage.

Basic Attacks
+3 Execution axe of the Conqueror: High Critical, Brutal 2, 16 vs. AC, Dmg: 1d12+11, Crit: 3d12+3d6+11 (6d12+12 bld), Power (daily): Free Action. Use this power as you use your dragon breath power. Your dragon breath becomes close burst 3 for this attack.
+2 Dwarven Thrower Khopesh: Brutal 1, 15 vs. AC, Dmg: 1d8+10, Crit: 2d8+2d6+10, Range: 6/12, Power (daily): Free Action. Trigger: You hit a Large or larger creature with an attack using this weapon. Effect: You deal 4 extra damage.

Powers (At-Will)
Howling Strike: Standard action, Melee weapon, one creature, two handed weapon 16 vs. AC 1d12+2d6+11, use instead of basic attack while charging if raging move 2 extra squares.
Recuperating Strike: Standard action, Melee weapon, one creature, two handed weapon 16 vs. AC 1d12+1d6+11, gain 4 temp HP, 9 if raging.

Powers (Encounter)
Avalanche Strike: Standard action, Melee weapon, one creature, 16 vs. AC 3d12+15, until start of your next turn any attacker ganes +4 to attack rolls against you.
Blade Sweep: Standard action, Melee weapon, one creature, 16 vs. AC 2d12+11, each enemy adjacent to you takes 4 dmg.
Tide of Blood: Standard action, Melee weapon, one creature, 16 vs. AC 2d12+11+1 damage for each enemy within 4 squares of you
Pyroclastic Tide: Standard action, Melee weapon, one creature, 16 vs. Reflex 3d12+11, each enemy within 2 squares takes 6 fire damage.
Dragon Breath: Minor action, Blast 3 or 5, each enemy in blast, 15 vs. Reflex 2d10+7 fire, allies in blast gain a +1 to attack rolls till the beginning of your next turn.
Noble Presence: Move action, Burst 3, one or two allies in the burst, each target can shift up to 2 squares as a free action, and each target gains a +2 power bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn.
Swift Charge: Free action, your attack reduces an enemy to 0 HP, you charge an enemy.
Combat Sprint: Move action, you move 10 squares and gain +4 to all defenses against any opportunity attack you provoke with this movement.
Loss of Will: Immediate reaction, an enemy misses you with an attack, until the end of the target’s next turn, the target takes a -4 penalty to attack rolls against you.
Enraged Surge: Free action, you miss with an attack while raging, you gain a +2 power bonus to melee attack rolls and melee damage rolls until the end of your next turn.

Powers (Daily)
Thunder Hooves Rage: Standard action, Melee weapon, one creature, 16 vs. AC 3d12+11, miss half, you can move through one or two enemies’ spaces during each of your turns. When you move through an enemy’s space, your next attack against that enemy during the same turn deals 1d12 extra damage.
Thunder Hawk Rage: Standard action, Melee weapon, one creature, 16 vs. AC 2d12+11 and target is dazed (save ends), miss half, Thunder Hawk Attack: once per turn, free action, Melee 1, one creature, 16 vs. Fortitude, target is knocked prone.
Oak Hammer Rage: Standard action, Melee weapon, one creature, 16 vs. AC 3d12+11 and knocked prone, miss half. Whenever you hit a target with a melee attack, you knock that target prone. If that target is already prone, the attack instead deals 4 extra damage.
Rage Strike: Standard action, Melee weapon, one creature, 16 vs. AC 1st 3d12+11 5th 4d12+11 9th 5d12+11, miss half, use this power twice per day, expends an unused rage power of same level.


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