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Ravenloft Cast List

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Player Characters

Kalleth Grimcursed (aka Kalleth Bloodscale): A former dragonborn cursed with the form of a human by the Grim Swordsman, god of fate, death, and time. Jaded and somewhat sullen, he wanders the land seeking payment and a way to change his fate.

Falcor Bloodscale (NPC currently): Brother to Kalleth, a dragonborn with a noble heart. Serves the Iron Master, god of war, smithing, and martial virtue and seeks to aid those in need whatever the cost. Currently assisting Ilsine in rebuilding the church.

Ilsine Athimagus (NPC currently): A somewhat crotchety, late-middle aged archivist devoted to the god of wealth, luck, and thieves, the Night Shroud. Generally benevolent, he is currently rebuilding the Barovian church and setting up a chapel and shop.

Veraun del'Amago: A drow mage and "talent scout" for the drow mercenary band Bregan Derth. Practical, aloof, and power hungry, he prefers an "informed kick-in-the-door-and-shoot" policy. He joined up with the party to acquire treasure, escape Barovia, and hopefully bring in some new recruits.

Twitch (NPC currently): A spindly, short fellow, Twitch was once a worshipper of the Veiled Whisperer, god of madness. As to be expected, the little guy's mind is shot and has since been obsessively following Kalleth. His actions and thought processes are erratic at best and a latent homocidal tendency is apparent in him at times. Currently assisting Ilsine.

Lucca: An elf ranger who appeared seemingly out of nowhere to assist the party in defeating the insane Sir Urik. Lucca seems to know Veraun to a certain extent, though the rest of his motives seem shrouded in mystery.

Bard: A wandering minstrel encountered in the local tavern, Bard, like the rest of the party, is trapped in Barovia by Strahd's mists. He's joined the party to find a way out and record their story. Strangely enough, he doesn't seem to blink much.

Solariel (NPC currently): A mysterious duskblade who recently teamed up with the party. She doesn't speak much.


Ireena Kolyana: The de facto burgomeister of Barovia, Ireena's brother and father were supposedly murdered by Strahd who now seeks Ireena's affections. A capable swordsman, she is currently helping Ilsine rebuild the town chapel.

Beleth: Veraun's imp familiar, Beleth's information and suggestions are not always completely honest, unless speaking directly to his master. No one in the party is exactly sure how Beleth came to follow Veraun, though.

Madam Eva (DECEASED): A gypsy fortune teller who told our heroes where to seek out three items of power in their fight against Strahd, how to sever his connection to the land, and cryptic personal prophecies. She paid for her isolence with her life.

Lady Isadora Dalmov (DECEASED): An apparition haunting the her old mansion, Lady Isadora offered our heroes a bountiful meal and warm beds. In life she was a noble whose family had fallen into decline after the murder of her father by a close friend. Her loyalty to Strahd never faltered, and her father's murderer now resides in a crypt on her property. The night of his imprisonment is forever etched into the land, echoing through the ages.


Strahd von Zarovich (DECEASED...technically): The master of Barovia and a centuries old vampire, Strahd lords over his kingdom with an iron fist. Her servants are legion, his resources without limit, and his eye never blinking. He seeks Ireena's heart, but it would also seem he has something else in the wings...

Dolma and Doru (DECEASED): The insane former priest of Barovia, Dolma brought his son, Doru, back as an undead blasphemy which sent a wave of undead through the town.

Kavan the Grim: A warrior the players encountered early in their travel who guarded the bridge to Castle Ravenloft. He seems to have a certain...fondness for the fairer sex.

Fenrir: A truly ancient barghast of tremendous power and irredeemable evil, Fenrir led a pack of worgs against the gypsies for aiding the party. He was wounded in the clash, but escaped.

Sir Urik (DECEASED): A former paladin turned cannabil who was cursed by Strahd to forever re-live his death. He was accidentally freed by the party and went on a rampage in Barovia.


Sasha Indirovich: A mysterious woman in a red dress, Sasha has aided our heroes a few times with warnings, information, and items to trade. According to her Strahd has something she wants and she intends to use the players as a decoy, and will aid them insofar as they distract the vampire. However, they have also recently learned that Sasha is in fact Strahd's second-in-command.

Leon Balzervi: Currently imprisoned in a crypt, Leon claims to have been a less-than-noble vassal of Strahd who rebelled when his master turned into a vampire. Leon killed Lady Dalmov's father who was still loyal to Strahd, and was sealed away for all eternity as punishment. The party intends to let him out.

Valisa: A nymph in the Svalich Woods to the east, once a friend to the vassals of Barovia though she and Strahd did not always agree. It is unknown what has happened to her since then.


Grim Swordsman
Domains: Death, Time, Fate, Revenge, Undeath
Info: This bleak deity best knows how the threads of fate intertwine and unfold and makes his duty to enforce those edicts. While other deities might dislike him, none would disregard his duties as insignificant. At some point in the past Kalleth drew the ire of the Swordsman and was cursed with a human form as punishment for defying fate.

Night Shroud
Domains: Thieves, Knowledge, Wealth, Skill, Luck
Info: The patron god of Ilsine, the Shroud, as typical for him, offers little direct aid to his follower. Instead his gifts are subtle twists of fortune and his granted spells are intended to help those who help themselves.

Iron Master
Domains: War, Smithing, Metal, Earth, Loyalty
Info: Patron god of Falcor and formerly Kalleth, the Master embodies martial virtue. He views war as a necessity and inevitability, rather than a cause in and of itself, and Falcor dutifully follows the god's strict codes of loyalty and perserverance in the face of adversity.

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