Campaign Summary: Cthulhu Hardboiled

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Campaign Summary: Cthulhu Hardboiled

Post  Jolly on Wed Nov 03, 2010 2:48 pm

This is the current CoC campaign we're playing. It was started at HSC...but ends here.

Chapter One-The Waters Over Heaven (Session 1 and 2)

A trio of unemployed gentlemen- Damien Freud, Nero Wolfe, and Alistair Cross- join the Hemingway Invesitgations company. Their first job turns into far more than they bargained for after a string of strange murders. Nero is almost killed by a man in a black trench coat and hat, and despite the team's best efforts several women die, the target of their investigation-one Vivian Deaton-vanishes, and Damien goes insane and is sent to an asylum.

Chapter Two-The Shadow in the Trees (Session 3)

After a few weeks the team gains a new member, the peculiar Cinco Tan Lebowski (from Santa Fe). They sent out to find a missing gorilla only to link the ape's disappearance with a well known actor. Things go horribly arry when the gorilla attacks wielding, of all things, a .22 caliber hunting rifle (which it fires with great ease but poor aim). The beast falls but only after Cinco is seriously wounded (by Nero's shot) and the ape melts away to reveal a man.

Chapter Three-Blood and Ink (Session 4)

The trio set off to find a blackmailer and are led to a crumbling old church in the slums where they uncover notes of a strange cult and encounter a man with a briefcase. A Mexican standoff is broken when The Man in the Black Hat returns, carrying a tommy gun this time. The contents of the case turn out to be a strange black crystal called the Shining Trapezohedron which can see other places and times....but there is something else about it. The party narrowly escapes from the rafters of an opera house with the crystal, their lives, and their sanity. They accidentally save the world.

Chapter Four-The Waking Nightmare (Session 5 and 6)

Vivian Deaton and her lover, Lawrence Krause return to frame the party of murder. With the fuzz, an evil cult, and the Black Hat Man on their heels, the party uncover a sinister plot targeting a charity fundraiser. After a climactic battle with the Black Hat Man (in all his horror), the party narrowing stops the transformed Vivian Deaton from devouring most of Los Angeles's high society. Lawrence Krause is murdered by the party's employer, Ernie Zulli, who turns out to be working with "a special division of the Secret Service". The party joins the government organization Delta Green.

Chapter Five-The Asylum
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