Character Creation

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Character Creation

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  1. Characteristics
    Characteristics are the skeleton of your character, describing his physical and mental capabilities, just like ability scores in Dungeons and Dragons. There are nine characteristics, described below.

    • Strength (STR): Physical ability, such as lifting or climbing. Ranges from 3-18.
    • Constitution (CON): Health, vigor, and vitality. Ranges from 3-18.
    • Power (POW): Force of will. Ranges from 3-18.
    • Dexterity (DEX): Nimbleness, flexibility, and reflexes. Ranges from 3-18.
    • Appearance (APP): Physical attractiveness. Ranges from 3-18.
    • Size (SIZ): Physical size, including weight and height. Ranges from 8-18
    • Intelligence (INT): Mental capacity and awareness. Ranges from 8-18
    • Education (EDU): Formal and factual knowledge. Ranges from 6-21.
    • Sanity (SAN): Mental health and stability. Sanity is always equal to POW x5.

  • Characteristic Rolls
    Characteristic rolls reflect abilities or qualities which all humans possess to some degree, such as luck or basic knowledge. There are four such rolls

    • Idea (INT x 5): Represents hunches and the ability to interpret the obvious.
    • Luck (POW x 5): Did you step on the weak floor board?
    • Know (EDU x 5): Reflects your general knowledge of a variety of topics.
    • Damage Bonus: Damage bonuses are applied to melee attacks. To determine damage bonus, add STR and SIZ and then find the result on the specified table included with this handout.

  • Derived Characteristic Points
    These are classic RPG stats, including health, magical capacity, and remaining sanity.

    • Hit Points: Your health. Add your CON and SIZ and then divide by 2, rounding up. These decrease when you take damage.
    • Magic Points: Used to fuel magic, your maximum MP is equal to your POW
    • Sanity Points: Your starting Sanity Points are equal to your SAN. These decrease as you witness horrible things, and increase when you achieve some form of victory or rest.

  • Choose an Occupation
    Occupations consist of 6-8 related skills or areas of interest. There’s a good bit of wiggle room with occupations, and you need not actually be employed or making money from your occupation in order to qualify for it.

  • Skills
    Skills are used for a variety of things, and are increased by spending skill points on them—the higher the skill, the more likely you are to succeed (a skill of 63 has a 63% chance of succeeding, for example). When making your character you get two pools of skills points.

    • Occupation Skill Points: Multiply your EDU by 20 and distribute these points as you like among your occupation’s skills.
    • Personal Interest Skill Points: Multiply your INT by 10 and distribute these points to whatever skills you like.

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