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Future Campaign

Post  Jolly on Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:14 pm

The next campaign I intend to run will be a 4th Edition game (its just flat out easier t DM, especially on the fly) but I have a good number of ideas swimming in my head. Here are the campaign concepts I have...

The Age of Dragons-Classic fantasy adventure
The Eldath Valley has remained relatively peaceful for centuries, despite its lack of central authority. But recently strange things have been happening across the land-bandit raids on the rise, creatures stir within dark tombs, and the number of dragon sightings has increased alarmingly. Something evil is afoot, and only a band of adventurers from a small rural township stand a chance at stopping it. A reboot or possible continuation of my Virginia Beach campaign

Dark Waters-High seas swashbuckling
The smell of brine and adventure draws a group of heroes from their island home and on a perilous quest to stop an ancient and growing evil...and just maybe get rich doing it.

The Fires of War-Part military, part espionage, part political intrigue
The skies darken, the horizon flares red, and the footsteps of over 600 legions thunder across the land. Bael Turath marches to war, and all the world trembles. But behind their waves of infernal iron and baleful magic lies something more sinister still.

The Longest Night-A classic fantasy campaign with a uniquely Josh flavor
On the borders of the Nerath empire, a chill wind is blowing. Barbarians begin to descend from the hillsides, artists dream of dire futures, and the winter brings greater snow than usual. None dare to ask what might be causing it...but it likely has something to do with that brooding mountain in the frozen wastes.

Seekers of the Verdant Isle-An adventure in the setting of Dark Sun
On the dying world of Athas the people live under the constant tyranny of either thirst or the dreaded sorcerer-kings. Slavery is common, oppression more so, and everyday one breaks his back trying to eke out a living. But legends speak of another land, across an ocean of silt, free of hunger, thirst, and the evil kings.
*If we decide on this adventure I'll have to give you all info on the unique qualities of Athas (think of D&D combined with Road Warrior and you're half way there)

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