Info: Flying Fist of the Kung Fu Dragon!

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Info: Flying Fist of the Kung Fu Dragon!

Post  Jolly on Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:21 am

After Raveloft is done I'd like to run a 4th Edition one-shot-4e is just easier to DM on the fly. The following one-shot is unique in that it requires specifically tailored characters.

The lush valley of Nanda-Parvat is home to two regionally respected martial schools-the Temple of the Silent Lotus and the School of Emerald Fist. The masters of each dojo are brothers, but the two have not spoken, much less gotten along, in decades. The source of their animosity is said to be their conflicting styles and personalities, but others believe that something happened long ago that drove the two apart.

The two schools are not violent towards one another, but are intense and bitter rivals so scuffles do break out from time to time. These are almost always in the countryside, since both schools refuse to harm the town with in-fighting.

The Temple of the Silent Lotus
"The tranquil river erodes the highest peak"
Situated on a tranquil river filled with lilly pads and lotus flowers, the Silent Lotus Temple teaches its students that reflection and inner harmony are the keys to victory. It believes in adaptability, control, and centering one's mind. It is headed by Master Ugwei, the Still Wind of the South, and inventor of the Tempa-Kyuran style.

The School of the Emerald Fist
"No ship sails on a still wind"
Located on a wind battered cliff side, the School of the Emerald Fist teaches its students that activity and dynamism are the keys to all things. Students are trained to harness their strength and speed and release it in their training, allowing their emotions to fuel their attacks. It believes in activity, passion, and courage. It is run by Master Tang, the Undefeated of the East, and inventor of the Hinshin-Keretsu style.

Your Characters

-You may choose any race

-You may choose any class you wish-you all need not play monks

-Your character must be firmly and sincerely tied to one of the two schools and the distribution must among party member allegiences must be roughly equivolent. So if there are 4 players, 2 are of the Silent Lotus and 2 are of the Emerald Fist

-Your character need not be strictly a student of the school-he may be an apprentice, assistant teacher, a wanderer who has been kindly taken in, etc. Certain schools favor certain classes, but any class can be tied to either school with the right consideration.

-You must have an intimate connection with another player FROM THE OTHER SCHOOL. This may be something as simple as rivals, competeing siblings, or even romantic interests. You are almost encouraged to have a connection to another member of your own school.

-Your character must be Level 10

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