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lvl 9 Elf Ranger

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Deity: Noble Drifter, Gender: Male, Age: 173, Size: Medium, Height: 5’, Weight: 120lb, Complexion: Pale, Hair: Dark Brown, Eyes: Deep Green

HP 65

speed 30

STR 14, +2
DEX 26, +8
CON 12, +1
INT 10, +0
WIS 16, +3
CHA 12, +1

Fort 7
REF 14

Spot: 15
Listen: 15
Hide: 19
Move Silently: 19
Sense Motive: 2

AC: 21 Flat-footed: 16, Touch: 15

Melee 17/12, Ranged 17/12, Grapple 11

Initiative 8

+1 Hunting Elven Courtblade, dam: 1d10+3, crit: (18-20)/X2
Increases damage by 4 vs favored enemies
+2 Revealing Composite Longbow, range: 110ft, dam: 1d8+4, crit: X3
Any opponent struck is outlined in magical flames for 1 round as the Faerie fire spell, No -4 penalty for shooting into a crowd

Combat Notes
+7 bonus to damage against Humanoid Undead and Nonhumanoid Undead
Whenever you hit an enemy with a weapon attack that enemy is considered flanked by you for the purpose of adjudicating your allies’ attacks. This condition lasts until the enemy is attacked by one of your allies or until the start of your next turn.
+2 on ranged attacks against distant flat-footed targets, +4 on hide checks after sniping attack
+1d6 damage vs evil humanoid undead

Racial Abilities
Low-Light Vision, Immune to magic sleep effects, If within 5 feet of secret or concealed door you’re entitled to a Search check to notice it as if you’re actively looking for it

Class Features
Archery Combat Style: Rapid Shot, Manyshot bonus feats
Track, Wild Empathy, Endurance bonus feat, Woodland Stride, Swift Tracker, Evasion, Distracting Attack
Favored Enemies: Humanoid Undead, Nonhumanoid Undead
Sense and pinpoint the exact location of humanoid undead within 60ft
+4 bluff, listen, sense motive, Spot, Survival vs. Humanoid Undead and Nonhumanoid Undead

Weapon Finesse
Able Sniper
Nemesis: Humanoid Undead
Improved Favored Enemy

Common, Elven

+6 Gloves of Dexterity


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