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Jolly's One Shot Adventure list

Post  Jolly on Fri Jul 23, 2010 9:14 am

Heroic Tier

My Favorite Game
Level: 2
Preview Enemy: The Lantern Man
The renowned artist and musician Ezio Zannfrid is holding a lavish party at his estate out in the country, and you’ve been invited.

The Walker in the Wastes
Level: 3
Preview Enemy: Sand Animate
When a freak sandstorm leaves our heroes stranded in the desert, they must flee to the nearby mountains or fall victim to an ancient evil.

A Night at Mistledown Farms
Level: 4
Preview Enemy: Corrupted Stallion
A trip to your family’s farm turns into a nightmare when a mysterious relic is unearthed.

Welcome to Weeping Briar
Level: 6
Preview Enemy: Gnoll Marauder
When thick mist engulfs a small farming town our heroes must uncover the cause

The Moaning Darkness-Expanded
Level: 7
Preview Enemy: Ghoul
Can a small band of adventurers save a city from an undead onslaught, or will they be too busy just trying to survive?

We Who Are About to Die
Level: 10
Preview Enemy: Pit Fighter
Fight for riches, fame, or freedom in Nerath’s most prestigious arena fight!

Flying Fist of the Kung Fu Dragon!
Level: 10
Preview Enemy: Demon Ninja!
When foreign invaders threaten the mountain land of Nandaparvat, two rival dojos must unite to save everyone.

Paragon Tier

Red Tide
Level: 11
Preview Enemy: Pirate Grenadier
The Levendrian Trading Consortium needs someone to protect a precious cargo…but have the defenders bitten off more than they can chew?

The Spring of Renewal
Level: 13
Preview Enemy: Bugbear Thug
A band of eladrin claim to own a spring which restores youth, but recently people around the neighboring settlement have begun to see monsters…

Both Alike in Dignity
Level: 14
Preview Enemy: Dragonborn Dervish
The feud between two old rivals threatens to level an entire city.

Dying of the Light-Extended
Level: 16
Preview Enemy: Grell
A freak accident lands our heroes in the middle of the Underdark with no provisions and a dying light source…

The Drums of War
Level: 17
Preview Enemy: Hill Giant Rock Thrower
A would-be conqueror amasses barbarian forces and its up to you to infiltrate his base and stop him.

Harvest Moon on Lysaga Hill
Level: 20
Preview Enemy: The New Gods
Bodies are found mutilated in the wilderness around Greenwald, and everyone is sure it has something to do with the strange stone which stands on Lysaga Hill.

Epic Tier

A Mountain Walked
Level: 22
Preview Enemy: Dalek-Caan
A cult of warforged intend to free Skaros, the titanic clockwork horror, and the only way to stop them is to infiltrate the colossus itself.

Temple of Four Seals-Extended
Level: 25
Preview Enemy: Advanced Air Archon Zephyrhaunt
When all of creation is threatened, the only hope for the world may reside in a gigantic prison built by the primordials themselves

Mephistar Rising
Level: 28
Preview Enemy: Brazen Devil
Mephistopheles is creating something monstrous in his fortress, and its up to you to stop him.

The Once and Future Champ
Level: 30
Preview Enemy: The Prince of Frost
Challenge the most powerful beings in the cosmos to win the title of Greatest Warrior of All!


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The One Shot Challenge!

Post  Jolly on Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:51 pm

How many one shots can a band of intrepid PCs survive? Roll up level 2 characters and form a consistent party, working your way throught the levels and see how long you can last.

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