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War, the Juggernaut

Power Level: 10

Str: 40 +15
Dex: 10 +0
Con: 30 +10
Int: 12 +1
Wis: 12 +1
Cha: 12 +1

Toughness: +10
Fortitude: +10
Reflex: +0
Will: +5

Initiative: +0
Defense: 15
Attack: +10
Grapple: +15

Immovable 10: defense, personal, reaction, permanent, +40 bonus against all attempts to push, rush, trip or throw you, and reduce the distance you are knocked back by an attack, when you’re struck with a slam attack, you suffer less damage while your attacker suffers more! For each rank of Immovable, 1 point of damage bonus from the slam attack is shifted from you to your attacker, up to half the attack’s total damage bonus, unstoppable: your speed has no effect on your immovability; you subtract your immovable rank from an opponent’s immovable rank before determining its effect, including the damage from a slam attack
Immunity 16: defense, personal, reaction, permanent, life support, fatigue effects, aging, starvation and thirst
Leaping 5: movement, personal, move, instant, you can jump 50 times normal distance and are in the air for a full round before landing
Protection 12: defense, personal, reaction, permanent, you gain a bonus on your toughness saving throws equal to your Protection rank, impervious: your Protection stops some damage completely, if an attack has a damage bonus less than your Protection rank, it inflicts no damage, limited: your Protection applies only to physical damage
Space Travel 1: movement, personal, move, sustained, you can travel through space at light speed but not in a planetary atmosphere
Speed 4: movement, personal, move, sustained, 100mph or 147fps ground speed
Super-Movement 3: movement, personal, move, sustained, wall crawling: you can climb walls and ceilings at normal speed with no chance of falling and no need for a climb skill check and are not flat-footed while climbing, slow fall: as long as you are capable of action, you can fall any distance without harm, you also stop your fall at any point along a distance so long as there is a surface to grab
Super-Strength 12: You’re capable of lifting and carrying more than normal for your Strength score. Super-Strength grants you a +60 bonus to your Strength score when figuring carrying capacity. Your Super-Strength also gives you a +12 bonus on Strength checks involving sustained application of strength or pressure, including grapple checks and breaking objects, but not Strength-based skills or melee or grappling damage
Groundstrike: You can strike the ground, creating a powerful tremor, radiating out a radius of (Strength bonus × 10) feet from you. Make a Strength check. Anyone in the area makes a check to resist a trip attack equal to your check result. Reduce your result by –1 per 10 feet between you and the target, out to the maximum radius. Targets in the area can make a Reflex save (DC 10 + your Strength bonus) to halve the DC to avoid the trip attack
Shockwave: By slamming your hands together, you create a tremendous blast of air pressure, inflicting physical damage equal to your Strength bonus in a cone-shaped area in front of you with a length and width (at the far end) equal to your Strength bonus × 10 feet. Targets in the area can make a Reflex save (DC 10 + your Strength bonus) to halve the damage.
Super-Breath: You can exhale a powerful blast of air, making a Strength check to trip targets in a cone-shaped area with a length and width at the far end equal to your Strength bonus × 10 feet. Targets in the area can make a Reflex save (DC 10 + your Strength bonus) to halve the DC to avoid the trip attack. Your Super-Breath also blows out flames with a damage bonus equal to or less than (your check result – 10).
Thunderclap: By clapping your hands together, you create a blast of deafening noise in an area of (Strength bonus × 5) feet around you. Those in the area must make a Reflex save (DC 10 + your Strength bonus) or suffer the effect of an auditory Dazzle attack


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