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Jolly's One Shot Rules

Post  Jolly on Thu Jul 22, 2010 3:27 pm

One shots that I'll be running will come in two varieties, standard and extended. Standard one shots have special rules to make them more challenging and rewarding, as listed below. Extended one shots are, in essence, long adventures and follow the normal rules of extended rest and so on.

General One Shot Rules

Action Points
  • Everyone starts an adventure with 2 action points.
  • Up to 2 action points can be spent during an encounter.
  • 1 action point is gained every other encounter

Treasure isn't acquired in the normal fashion. Instead Treasure Points which can be found are scattered throughout the adventure and are awarded by the DM at adventure's conclusion for completing certain achievements. These points stay with each player and can be cashed in for bonuses during character creation. The exact nature and price of each bonus will be mentioned in another thread.

Standard One Shot Rules

Healing and Rest
  • Extended rests do not restore your healing surges and daily powers- once you use them, they're gone.
  • Items such as potions or regents which normally require the expenditure of a healing surge lose that requirement. You can have only have 2 of any such item, however.
  • Certain class features which apply to extended rests now apply to short rests.

Magic Items and Rituals
  • You start with

    • 1 item of your level +1
    • 1 item of your level and gold equal to 1 item of your level
    • 2 items of your level -1

  • Any rituals your class features allow and 1 ritual of your choice which you qualify for.
  • Your magic items recharge during an extended rest and each one has its own charge-there are no milestones.

The following feats are not allowed

  • Weapon/Implement Specialization
  • Weapon/Implement Focus
  • Dual Implement Spellcasting


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